Week 28: rounding third and heading for home

We hit the 28 week milestone yesterday. That’s a good one to hit, since it means that Hoss will most likely be OK if he/she decides to be born at any point from now on. Of course, it also means that, you know, um, that due date is getting pretty close! I mean … whoa. Other fun things about the third trimester so far:

– The peeing. Is getting. Out. Of. Control. How can there be that much pee?

– Mood swings are back in full force. I can now burst into tears not only at the slightest provocation, but at no provocation whatsoever! It’s like a really damn annoying magical power.

– Appetite: still not there. Which is not to say that I’m not hungry, like, all the time, just that the only thing that sounds good to eat is cereal. Which, with the gestational diabetes and all, I can’t have so much. So that’s awesome.

– Hoss can now kick back – i.e., if I press down on my tummy when he/she is awake, often I’ll get a little nudge from the inside, as if to say “Hey! it’s crowded enough in here without that kind of messing around! Back off!” I find this amusing, if disconcertingly strong-minded.

– Just got my Rhogam shot so my antibodies don’t attack the baby during labor (sounds like a really lame low-budget action film: Attack of the Antibodies). The nurse, in describing where the shot had to go, first said “gluteous,” then tried “you know, hip area” and looked distinctly relieved when I said “in the ass, huh?” (One of these days I’m going to get a nurse with a sense of propriety, and then I’ll be in trouble.)

So now I just need to know when that whole nesting instinct is supposed to kick in. Because I have a shitload of boxes to pack up, not to mention a bunch of rooms to paint and clean and a house to settle into, and I’m thinking the nesting thing would come in real handy right about now.

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