Weekend Report

What happened this weekend:

1. The Hatchling got a vicious cold. Much mucous ensued.

2. Mr. Squab got the Hatchling’s vicious cold. Even more mucous, and much sneezing.

3. Said colds notwithstanding, we hosted a dinner party. I swear to god, until I graduated from college, my vision of adult life consisted largely of throwing dinner parties. I dunno if my parents threw an unusual number of them when I was little, but they definitely loom large in my memory – falling asleep to the pleasant sound of adults socializing outside my bedroom door, or crashing on the guest bed of one of my parents’ friends, and being sleepily carried to the car when it was time to go home. My generation doesn’t tend to throw dinner parties so much. We’re more of a backyard barbecue, happy hour, game night or movie night kind of crowd – more casual, bigger groups. But sometimes it’s nice to socialize with just a few couples at a time, I tell you what. The meal could have been better (yet another skill that suffers from toddlerus interruptus), but the wine was yummy, the dessert was sinful, and the conversation was just dandy.

4. I got the Hatchling these shoes on summer clearance. Aren’t they just the CUTEST?

Baby Crocs

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