Well, it’s official

We’ve joined the bourgeoisie; we’re home-owners. (Or, as my sister said on the phone: “you’re homos!”) Although the owners took about 6 hours longer than they were supposed to to actually get all of their stuff out, overall the closing was blissfully uneventful. All the papers are signed; all the money is allocated; it’s really ours. Now we have about a month to clean (and oh, BOY does it need cleaning!), paint, and mess with it before we move in. These are the times when I’m frickin’ relieved I have family near by. Chicks who are 7 months pregs can’t do as much as they would otherwise like to do when it comes to fixing up houses, but thankfully Mr. Squab won’t be left to do it all on his own. We’ll post some before and after pix as we proceed. I’m excited to see it all come together … and even MORE excited not to be sharing walls!!!!!! I’m less excited about the mortgage payment that will come due in March … but c’est la vie.

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