What I’m thinking about RIGHT NOW

Man, that post title sounds way more meaningful than this post is actually going to be.

1. Taking on this sweater as my winter knitting project. I’m the world’s laziest knitter, so this might be a stretch, but it’s sooooo cute.

2. This post from Jordan, because as the Hatchling grows ever more firmly into toddlerhood, I find that I have to remind myself constantly not to give in to her whining/tantrums just because it would be easier/faster/quieter/more peaceful to do so.

3. Christmas shopping. Because god DAMN, that is coming up quickly, plus like 1/2 my family members have birthdays around this time of year. Question for the ages: why is it that you’re always shortest of funds right when it’s time to do your largest set of giftie purchases? Or is that just me?

4. How Nickelodeon is teh stoopid. Because there’s this great show on Noggin right now, The Upside Down Show, created by two Aussie comedians, one of the few kids’ shows that doesn’t make you want to stab your eyes out while watching it, and plus it’s the Hatchling’s favorite show besides Sesame Street. And Nickelodeon ISN’T RENEWING IT. It’s (rightly) won awards and been critically lauded and all that stuff and they won’t cough up what I’m guessing are the fairly minimal bucks to make another season. Sucks.

5. I’m hungry. Time to go eat lunch. What are you thinking about RIGHT NOW?

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