Friday Video Blogging

Today’s edition: Man, were they ever doing some high-quality acid when they made these clips. One of the things that was so awesome about being a kid of the 70s was that there was still a fair amount of flower power at work among the creators of kids’ shows. A good trip on quality hallucinogenics can make for some prime children’s fare. Consider these clips my argument for mass legalization.

Updated to add: – how could I forget THIS one? Ducks with ears, roaring dandelions, daisies with feet – pure hallucination.

Daddy Dear

The Yo-Yo Master and the Lost Kid

Trippy, no? But you REMEMBER it, right? Yet another clip that freaks me out more now than it did when I was a kid. OK, here’s number two … return with me to the hidden mists of your childhood:

The Great Space Coaster

All the benefits of LSD without the inconvenient flashbacks. YOU’RE WELCOME.

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