White Trash Parent Hacks

Here’s a little tip for you moms and dads out there. If you’ve just gone through the McDonald’s drive-through on your way back from running errands with a tired toddler who also has the runs, and the french fries are too hot to give them to said toddler, even though she’s saying “fwies, pwease!” as hard as she can, simply grab 2-3 of the hot little suckers, roll down the window and let them bask in the 20-degree Minnesota breezes until they’ve cooled down to the proper temperature. Works like a charm! Things you can worry about later include: 1) the crazy looks you’re getting from other drivers as you repeatedly thrust 2-3 fries out the top of your window, then pull them back inside the car; 2) the fact that your daughter knows the word “fwies” before she’s even two years old; 3) what those fries are going to do to her already fragile intestinal system.

Definitely not my most Martha Stewart moment.

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