Why I’m not posting: a brief listplanation

1. Mr. Squab’s car gets hit by an asshole.

2. On inspection, bodyshop person says we “wouldn’t even want to see” the estimate for fixing it, and she wouldn’t recommend driving it with the baby in the car because “if anyone rear ends you again, there’s nothing to protect you from the back.” Try to quash lurid visions of Hummer or similar vehicle crushing the back of the car with Hatchling in the rear seat.

3. My car = slowly dying. Will not currently go over 45 mph, and is starting to have trouble with upward inclines. Suspect will not want to see the estimate for fixing that, either.

4. Show! Opens! Tonight!

5. Have been pulling 18 hour days, where schedule goes something like: get up, feed Hatchling, put Hatchling down for nap, take shower, eat breakfast, Hatchling up, feed her lunch, run errands for show/us, put Hatchling down for second nap, eat lunch myself, respond to production-related emails/phone calls, Hatchling up, run more errands for show/us, get home, put stuff away, feed Hatchling dinner, Mr. Squab home, dash out the door to the theatre, rehearse for 5+ hours, come home, eat bowl of cereal in lieu of healthy dinner at normal time, work on program notes/sound cues/props until around 1:30 am, go the hell to bed, start over again at 6:15am.

6. Mr. Squab finds good deal on used Honda, buys it. The good part: fully functional car is whole new experience for us. Did you know that you can actually SEE to drive at night with decent headlights? The bad part: making large purchases and going into debt makes Mr. Squab feel like he wants to barf.

7. Got call yesterday that one of my lead actors has to withdraw from the show due to health reasons (mono + complications). Frantically recast the role and shuffle around schedule to accomodate extra rehearsal time for new actor. Did I mention we open TONIGHT?

8. Playwright is coming to stay with us this weekend. House is complete pit.

I could go on, but you get the general idea. I’ll post the monthly letter when I get a chance. Meanwhile, does anyone have a vat of valium they’d like to share?

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