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Eight pages. That’s how much I wrote today. I’m embarking on the final phase of Operation: Finish the Fucker, the fucker in question being my dissertation. My parents are in town for the week to watch the Hatchling so that I can go to my favorite coffee shop from 8-5 and write. I’m working on the last chapter, which deals mainly with a play by George Bernard Shaw, who is, may I just say, a TOTAL BITCH to write about. Just when you think you know what he’s doing in a particular scene, he changes it up on you and does the opposite. Anyhoo, today I finished my analysis of the penultimate scene of the play. Tomorrow I plan on writing my analysis of the final scene and possibly starting on the conclusion. I’ll post what I get done here partly to keep me honest, and partly as an incentive to, you know, Finish the Fucker.

If you felt like sending good writing vibes in my general direction, that would be OK.

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