OK, I am *trying* to get some goddamn writing done here, and there is a person at the other end of the coffee shop who for some reason feels the need to converse with another patron at a level of approximately ONE BILLION DECIBELS. You know how some people just have naturally piercing voices? Yah. This guy is one of them. Holy FUCK is his voice annoying. Plus he’s talking about, like, his startup business making day-glo orange safety vests or something, and asking this guy, who he clearly doesn’t know personally, all these stupid questions about marketing in a manner that makes it transparent that he’d really like the guy to buy a ton of his damn vests. SHUT UP ALREADY. Jesus, now they’re both amping up the volume. Christ, people, you’re only three feet apart! THEY CAN HEAR YOU IN CANADA.

Grrrrr. Maybe it’s time to take a lunch break.

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