A story in pictures

Like many people, we have a birdfeeder in our yard. (Largely for the benefit of the cats and the Hatchling.)

Your average, nondescript birdfeeder

And, like most people with a birdfeeder, we have squirrels who like to partake:

Your average, common, rascally squirrel

This one, in particular, likes to get a little acrobatic in his seed-seeking endeavors:

An impressive commitment to food

But when I saw him do THIS I just about busted a gut:

What are you, a MONKEY-squirrel?

I mean, what IS that? And it’s not an anomaly: this little dude repeatedly spent entire minutes in this position, hanging upside down like a possum or monkey, nibbling on sunflower seeds all the while. Trust me to get the freak rodents in my yard.

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