Things that make it possible for me to survive the first trimester

1. Juicy Juice in either cherry or grape. No other flavors will do.

2. Ginger flavored Altoids. They’re so hot they just about blister the inside of my mouth, but they temporarily make the nausea recede.

3. Warm kitties snuggling up next to me in bed.

4. Raw fruit, especially watermelon and red grapes.

5. Chicken broth. Just broth. Noodles, vegetables, anything healthy or filling makes me feel sick.

6. Swanson’s chicken pot pie. Occasionally.

7. Glaceau Vitamin Water in Essential Orange. Thank god the convenience store in my office building keeps this in stock, because some mornings it’s all that comes between me and the porcelain god.

8. A nice husband who gets and prepares all of the above on request.

UPDATE: In reviewing this list, I realized that it looks like I’m some kind of paid endorser for several national brands. Gross. It’s just that the *particular* flavor and composition of said items is so key – other kinds of juice, breath mints, and pot pies simply won’t do. Add one more sucky thing to the first trimester suck list – it’s turning me into a capitalist whore!

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