No, I really mean it. OLD.

Well, we are just in a whirlwind of social activity lately. This last weekend was my college reunion, as previously blogged. I didn’t actually attend any of the official activities, due in large part to the Hatchling’s decision to wake up every three hours (like clockwork!) all night long on Friday night. But I did get to see some of my closest college friends and their kids and partners, and catch up on what’s been going on with people. And except for the no sleeping thing, the Hatchling was mostly extremely well behaved for the visit, and enjoyed the hell out of playing with the other kids. I got her a cute miniature version of a college T-shirt I have, so she can be my mini-me when the fancy strikes me. WHICH IT SOMETIMES DOES.

The evening of the day we got back from the reunion my mom and stepdad came to visit, and they’re staying until Thursday morning, so we’ve been engaging in rounds of family-related brunches, lunches, dinner parties, and other gatherings. Tonight we had Eric and Scott over for dinner, and we made them this meal, which was as good as it sounds like would be. Which is VERY. Tomorrow the nephew is coming over to spend the day, then Wednesday we have a picnic planned … Thursday the ‘rents leave and then we have a playgroup, Friday is the 4th and we’re celebrating with some friends, and then it’s the weekend and I personally will be collapsing into an exhausted puddle on the floor, because I just cannot MAINTAIN the way I used to be able to, you know? I mean, Maude knows I’m an extrovert, and I enjoy the socializing and the people and the outings, I do, but y’all: I am tiiiiiiiiiiiired, and it’s only Monday. Hoo.

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