Random Tidbits of a Hatchling

1. Today, we were out running errands, and as we neared the cashier the Hatchling spotted a Lindor raspberry truffle and indicated that she must have it. I thought that would be OK, but I told her we had to wait until we paid for it for her to eat it. This, of course, was met incredulity. She was supposed to WAIT for a whole TWO MINUTES to eat her candy? What was I, INSANE? Anyway, she was starting to kick up a real fuss when we got to the check-out counter so I asked the nice man to ring up the truffle first, which he kindly did, and then handed it to the Hatchling, saying, “Here you go, honey.” Whereupon she immediately quieted down, and her eyes got huge, and she said, very dramatically, “Ohhhhh, BEAUTIFUL candy.”

2. Lately, whenever the Hatchling trips or stumbles or falls or whatever, she’ll ask in a very concerned voice, “Are you OK?!?!” then you have to say “I’m OK, are you OK?” and then she says “Yis.”

3. One of the Hatchling’s favorite words lately is “perfect,” which she pronounces “poofitt.” As in, “Oh, nummy cawwots! Poofitt!”

4. The other day, the Hatchling was sitting by me on the sofa in the middle of a two-year-old tantrum about god knows what. I was looking at her, waiting for her to be done, and right in the middle of her crying, with tears streaming down her cheeks, she looked back at me, reached out her index finger, and went “BEEEEEEP” on my nose.

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