Whoa. Interacting.

This week, I am hosting: a playdate Monday morning, a brunch Tuesday morning, another playdate Wednesday morning, dinner with my oldest friend Wednesday evening, and a cookout at some point over the weekend. This is in addition to our regular ECFE class on Thursday morning, various errand running, and probably several impromptu trips to the park. Call me Butterfly. Social Butterfly.

In other news, in case you were wondering, periods SUCK. Thanks to the wondrousness of my IUD, I basically haven’t had one since before the Hatchling was born. Which was, how do I put this, TOTALLY FUCKING GREAT. But now the IUD is gone, and I’m on the rag, and christ I forgot how much of a pain in cooter it is. I’m not one of those three-day no-cramps blink-and-you’ll-miss-it kind of gals. More like seven days, massive cramps, emergency run to Walgreens for feminine products,* cursing my reproductive system raving bitch. So it’s fun for the whole family! I hope to hell it doesn’t take as long to get knocked up this time as it did last time, because I am OVER the menstruation.

Ehm … Happy Monday?

*Or, as Mr. Squab fondly refers to them, “your lady blood sponges.” Sorry, did I just overshare?

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