Questions for a Fourth of July Weekend

1. How is it that I only found out that H&M carries kid’s clothes, like, two days ago?!?! Fortunately I found out at the same time that they’re having one of their huge sales, so I STOCKED UP.

2. Why can I never think of anything more interesting to send my sister for her 4th-of-July birthday than a damn gift certificate? I mean, besides the fact that I put it off until the last minute? HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MELLIE!

3. How much do you want a piece of the s’mores cheesecake I just made for the picnic I’m going to tomorrow? A frickin’ LOT, that’s how much. My whole house smells like creamy chocolate. Mmmmmm … creamy chocolate.

4. What is it about a french pedicure that I find so satisfying? Is it the chic style or the illusion of clean toenails? Either way, mama like.

5. Who should I be rooting for to win Wimbledon? The men’s game is easy: Roger Federer, all the way. But I can’t decide for the women’s game.

That’s it, kids. Have a happy 4th and don’t let the fireworks scare the toddlers or pets.

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