An Introduction

This blog was started in the 10th week of my first-and-a-half* pregancy, as an outlet for me to write and think about more personal matters than I cover elsewhere. So this is where I’ll bitch about morning sickness (sucks!), inter-vaginal ultrasounds (suuuuuuuuck!), pre-parenting anxiety (what if I suck?!) and other maternal/familial matters. Since I’m not *only* an expectant mother, however, but also a highly opinionated, politically aware, feminist bleeding-heart-liberal expectant mother, you can expect some nods to the outside world as well. Now here’s a joke:

Q: What do you call a fish with three eyes?


HA! hahahahaha! Yep. Pregnancy retardation has already kicked right in.

*More on this later, probably.

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