Cats: psychic or just snuggle-whores?

I don’t know which it is, but I’ll tell you this: since I started really showing, our cat Oscar can’t get enough of sitting/sleeping on my belly. What’s funny about this is that it usually makes Hoss kick, so it’s like there’s this weird kitty/fetus connection. I don’t think Oscar is heavy enough for Hoss to really feel him (though he/she might be able to feel the purring vibrations), but I’m sure Oscar can feel some of the kicks from the baby. Normally, I’d think that kind of unseen movement would freak Oscar the hell out, but Hoss’s kicks don’t even phase him. It’s like he’s incubating the baby, just curled up on my tummy, purring away. Do you suppose this means that Hoss will have whiskers?

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