Double Whammy

For the next two weeks, starting tomorrow, the Hatchling and I will have some extra company from noon to 6 pm. Our friend Fi, who is five weeks younger than the Hatchling, will be spending afternoons with us while her mom teaches a class. Mostly, I am excited about this: the two girls love spending time together, Fi could not be a more mellow, sweet, happy baby, and it will be good for the Hatchling to spend more time with another kid. Between playing, snacks, and naps I’m guessing the afternoons will go by pretty fast. So, yeah, like, 95% excited. Of course, there is that 5% of me that’s a little nervous that the toddlers will join forces against me, holding the cats hostage until I agree to their no-nap demands, ransacking the bottom three feet of the house as I follow in their wake, fruitlessly trying to bribe them with teddy grahams and goldfish crackers.

But I’m sure that won’t happen.

But you can still send positive toddler-wrangling vibes in my direction.

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