Friday Squotient Blogging

Category: Easter Candy

Squabby: Peeps. I don’t even like peeps that much, but they’re definitely the squabbiest candy out there. First, because just LOOK:

And second, because you can say them like this: “peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeps.” And third, because they inspire sites like Great Scenes in Rock and Roll History as Reenacted by Marshmallow Peeps.

Squinny: Black Jelly Beans. I don’t get it either, but like every Squin I know likes these.

Squotund: Chocolate Bunny. Milk or dark, as you like it, and none of that hollow bunny crap. These are solid. Solid as a squo.

Mmmm … chocolate bunnies …

Now, as a bonus, here’s my favorite Easter Illustration (click the image for a bigger picture):

‘Cos nothing says “the Lord is risen” like maimed candy bunnies. Praise be.

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