A watched pot …

Still here. Still waiting. Apparently Hoss likes feeling like a sardine. Hopefully we’ll have some news tomorrow. Feel free to send laborious vibes in my general direction.

In other news, we had the suckiest Easter EVER yesterday – or at least it began that way. For the last week, we’ve been trying to savor every evening together sans child, watching lots of movies, going out to eat, sleeping in – all those things we won’t be able to do for like, YEARS after the baby comes. So we were looking forward to a nice squabby Easter – my parents were driving down and various other family members were coming over for a little potluck supper; we had the whole day open before that to do some picking up and straightening – it was going to be low key family time.


We’ve had unseasonably warm weather this month, which means all the trees and shrubs are all like “yippee!! let’s bloom!” which means this Squab’s allergies decided to kick it into extra-super-high gear at about 5 am yesterday morning. I woke up itching in the roof of my mouth and my inner ears – soooo pleasurable – and streaming snot from various orifices, and knew there would be no sleeping in for moi. So that started the day off well. Then, later in the morning, just as I’d finished my shower, Mr. Squab came tearing up the stairs to tell me to quit running any water because the basement was flooding. On Easter Sunday. Not “we can put this off until tomorrow” flooding, but more like “somebody better get here quick ‘cos I can’t turn off the water” flooding. Enter one Roto-rooter man who very nicely rid 3 of our main drainage pipes of about a football-sized ball of tree roots that were stopping up the works. Three hours and nearly $400 later, we could run water again, but the basement was still a mess. So Mr. Squab spent a good couple of hours with the shop vac and the dehumidifier trying to create some semblance of dryness. The awesome part is that we found out that our floor drain is basically totally worthless and will need to be replaced sometime soon to the tune of ~$1000. So there’s that to look forward to. Ack.

Meanwhile, I had blithely gone off in pursuit of the one dish we were responsible for at the potluck: the ham. Because I am mentally deficient, it didn’t even occur to me that I’d have a problem finding a grocery store open on Easter Sunday. I mean, we live in a major metropolis! I thought there might be reduced hours or something, but surely someplace would be open. Ha! Hahahahaha! Oh, I slay myself. So yeah: there were zero grocery stores open. Even the ones that claim to be open 24 hours had apparently found some kind of wormhole to a different time/space continuum, because they weren’t open, either. I drove around for 2 1/2 stinking hours, to every damn grocery store I knew of, and got bupkis for my trouble. What was open: Walgreens. And let me tell you, it was PACKED. What does Walgreen’s have in the way of pork products? Canned ham, that’s what. And in my desperation, I bought four tins. When I got home – a mere hour before people were supposed to arrive at the house – I started opening the tins to figure out how I was going to prepare them, and immediately burst into tears. They looked disgusting and smelled like catfood. “We can’t serve this!” I wailed to Mr. Squab, ” and we don’t have anything else in the house! I don’t know what to doooooooooo …”

Fortunately, as I may have mentioned before, I have awesome family members. I called my stepmom and she found an open grocery store in her neck of the woods and said she’d bring up ham and rolls along with other goodies. Another friend went to a Greek restaurant and brought over pitas and hummus to munch on before supper. Mr. Squab and I managed to get the house looking basically presentable before anyone arrived. And in the end we had a nice, relaxed supper with Easter treats and good conversation. So all’s well that ends well, I guess – but so much for enjoying a last special holiday sans baby!

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