Autumn with a vengeance

This week definitely feels like the start of the school year. This is true mostly because it IS, in fact, the start of my school year – I start teaching my classes Tuesday and Wednesday nights this week – and also of the Hatchling’s school year, with a new ECFE class beginning tomorrow morning. But there are other signs as well:

1. The weather is doing a perfect imitation of Real Fall Weather. Autumn is my favorite season, so I’m perfectly happy with the cooler temps, only knowing Minnesota this likely means that we’ll be getting snow in a week or two, to which I say GAH!

2. I suddenly have like a million things to do and places to be. This morning, for instance, I had TWO doctor’s appointments. You will be happy to know that my blood pressure is right down where it needs to be, and I saw the Bubba via ultrasound and he/she actually has a face and hands and stuff now. Which is a relief, because faceless babies with no hands are nowhere NEAR as cute as the other ones.

3. While I’m still fighting the fatigue factor (alliteration!) I do feel a bit more brisk than I have for most of the summer. Maybe it’s the cooler temps, maybe it’s having more to do, but whatever it is, I’ll take it.

4. I’m up right now at a quarter to one in the morning, finalizing my syllabi and course materials. Because I am a procrastinator of EPIC proportions. (And also I somehow had convinced myself that my new school is on the quarter system, only to realize tonight that they’re on semesters, thus necessitating the revision of all my schedules. Why? Why am I so dumb?)

That’s it for me. Are you all in an autumnal place, or are you still clinging to the last vestiges of summer?

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