Random Tidbits

1. I don’t know if it’s the changing seasons, or still recovering from my show, or what, but MOTHERFUCKER I am tired. Tiredtiredtired all the timetimetime. Anyone know how to freebase caffeine?

2. The Hatchling quite enjoyed her first Easter. As certified heathens, we didn’t do a damn thing resurrectional or christly over the weekend. However, the Hatchling did sample her first peep, with mixed reaction. She wasn’t a big fan of the texture, but she likes sugar, all right.

3. I chopped my hair off. This is notable largely because people mostly haven’t been noting it. I’m not sure if this is a good thing, e.g. it just looks so natural on me that people don’t notice that I have about 5 fewer inches than I used to, or if this is a bad thing, e.g. I have truly entered that phase of existence where I might as well be invisible because people only care about looking at my (admittedly adorable) child. Right now, we’re sticking with option one.

4. It’s fucking snowing outside today. SNOWING. On the TENTH OF APRIL. I seriously need to move back to the southeast. I can’t take this shit.

5. Here is a cute picture of the Hatchling with her favorite pal. This was not posed; the cat just flopped down next to the Hatchling, much to her delight.


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