Happy Mother’s Day to Me

The Hatchling, thank goodness, appears to be on the mend. She’s still sleepier and crankier than usual, and lord have mercy she cannot be more than three feet away from me, but her rash is getting better and there’s no more fever. Woot!

So today I had a very nice squabby mother’s day. This morning all the local family members came over for a mother’s day brunch, for which I made: cheese eggs, hash browns, bacon, sliced melon (honeydew and cantaloupe), cheese grits, coffee, mimosas, bloody marys, and OJ. We also had almond croissants, apple croissants, and homemade (but not by me) caramel pecan rolls. Don’t you wish you had been there? After gabbing with the fam and having a mini-celebration for my nephew’s 10th birthday, Mr. Squab and I went outside and planted 34 hostas in our front yard. (Which is undergoing a major transformation this weekend. Pictures will be posted sometime this week.)

So: I cooked and ate a bunch of fatty, yummy food, hung out with people I love, and got dirty and sore digging around in my front yard. A pretty awesome Mother’s Day, all told.

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