I like long weekends. Let’s have them all the time.

It was a good Memorial Day weekend in Squab country. Mr. Squab came home early on Friday, we had a cookout Saturday night, vegetated on Sunday, and had a picnic on Monday, at our favorite park. Good times. I think we’d all be better off if 3.5 day weekends were standard, don’t you?

Meanwhile, I started this week with a vengeance by having a job interview (!). Nothing too freaky – it’s not like I’m looking to go back to full time work or anything, particularly since we hope to have a new little one on the way soon. But I need to get back into teaching, if for no other reason than to prevent massive gaps on my CV. And also I really enjoy it. So I’ve been looking for some adjunct spots, something I can do while being a SAHM. Handily, my BFF is the registrar at a local music college, and so she let me know they were looking for some people for the fall. I aced the phone interview, and so today I did the in-person one. 15 minutes of teaching demo followed by a round of pretty boilerplate interview questions. I think I did pretty well – toward the end of the interview I actually got an “amen, sister” from the chair of the hiring committee – so it was rewarding to know I’ve still got my interviewing chops. But I’ll tell you what: prepping for job-related stuff WITH a two year old is a whole different ball of wax than prepping without one. I was up late last night getting materials together and then shaving my much neglected legs (hello, razor burn!) The interview was at 10 this morning, and since the Hatchling slept until 8:30 (I know, this is not something to complain about), we had to hustle it up to get out of the house on time. Thank god for lovely friend J, who was there to watch the Hatchling while I was gone, and to zip my damn dress up the rest of the way (impossible to reach with my stumpy arms) and to loan me a deck of cards – critical for my teaching demo – since I’d left the house without mine. Of course.

I’m actually feeling pretty zen about the whole thing. It’s a part time position (at least for now), which is a little more low key, and since we don’t need for me to have it – though, don’t get me wrong, the extra $$ would be nice – I feel like I’ll be ok whether or not they have a spot for me. I guess that’s a good place to be, mentally. Right? Or am I losing my edge? Anyway, I’ll keep you posted on the outcome.

Here’s a clip of the Hatchling and her cousin doing a little happy spring dance at the park on Memorial Day. The Hatchling’s 5:00 shadow is actually a light crust of Oreo cookies. Because that’s how we roll, baby.

Happy Oreo Dance on Vimeo.

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