Intra AWESOME device

So, at my last doctor’s visit we had the birth control discussion. Breastfeeding is some protection against conception right now, but not total protection, and since Mr. Squab and I would commit hara-kiri if we got knocked up right now, some form of control was in order. Prior to conceiving the Hatchling I was using the Nuva Ring, which is pretty frickin’ awesome for a lazy squab like myself. But the Ring has estrogen, which is contraindicated when breastfeeding on accounta it might dry up your milk supply. So that was out. The only Pill I could have taken was a progesterone only version, and that’s the kind you have to be extra sure to take at the same time every day. I am WAY too scatterbrained for that kind of commitment, people. So my lovely doctor recommended an IUD. I’d never really considered one of those. Not sure why, I just hadn’t. But people, they are AWESOME. I have this new kind that emits progesterone, which means that it reduces cramping, length and heaviness of flow, and all that good stuff. Some people even quit having their period altogether. And once it’s in, it lasts for five years. Five freaking YEARS. I mean, holy crap! But at the same time, anytime we decide we want to start trying again, it just comes right out and bang, you’re as fertile as if you hadn’t been using anything. This is a lazy person’s dream contraceptive! (Well, a lazy and monogamous person’s.) I’m a big fan.

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