Is my unborn child a luddite?

Hoss does not like it when I use my laptop, and he/she is making that very clear whenever I get it out. Due to my burgeoning belly (now 15 times its usual size!) There’s not so much “lap” for the laptop, so I usually stick a pillow on my lap to bridge the gap between the top of my baby bump and my legs. This results in a fairly workable surface, but often the near edge of the laptop will be resting on my tummy as I type. This is NOT OK with the fetus. If the computer lies there for longer than, say, 5-6 seconds, the kicking begins. Kick-kick-kick, right where the computer is. As if to say, hello! Some of us are trying to gain 1-2 pounds a week in here! NO COMPUTERS! This is distracting not only internally, but also because it makes the keyboard bounce whenever that little foot makes a connection. How am I supposed to check my email? Or blog from home? SIMMER DOWN, HOSS. You can’t be the complete center of attention until I can actually make eye contact with you. Sheesh.

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