This one should generate some comments …

SO. As y’all know, we don’t know what flavor Hoss will be when he/she comes out. Lots of people (Mr. Squab included) think it will be a girl, some think it will be a boy, I have absolutely no sense one way or the other. (Maternal instincts, schmaternal instincts.) That being the case, of course, we need to be ready for all possibilities. We’ve got the name thing down for both flavors (and if the kid is intersexed it will just have to take pot luck, I guess), all the clothes and toys and stuff have been carefully chosen in gender-neutral tones of yellow and green, and we’re looking forward to having that one last surprise at the end of the labor. Basically, as long as it’s human and healthy, we’re all good. However. We have one issue left to resolve, and that is (insert ominous music here): to circumcise, or not to circumcise?

Here’s the deal. My own perspective is: why do it? From what I can tell, there’s absolutely no medical reason to do it (the AMA no longer recommends it, though they don’t recommend against it, either), and several possible medical reasons not to do it; it causes the baby pain; it’s less and less of a trend in this country, so, you know, why would you do it? If you’re Jewish, OK. That’s a mighty long cultural tradition and I can see not bucking it. And frankly, whatever any particular couple wants to do in this regard they should be able to do – I wouldn’t want to make other people’s decisions for them. But when it comes to my kid, I just don’t see the point, and I’d definitely decide against it. BUT. I also think that this is one decision that should really be Mr. Squab’s to make. Because, frankly, I don’t have the equipment, and I feel like the one who has the equipment should get to make the call. And Mr. Squab is leaning towards circumcision – largely, I think, because he’s circumcised and it just seems easier to have your kid look and function the way you do. (He can correct me if that’s wrong.) Now, I’m not convinced that’s a sufficient reason, but I’ve told him the decision is his and I’ll support it either way. He did say, however, that I could send him links or articles or whatever that support my position and he’d take that stuff into account. So, internets, what I wanna know is: what are your thoughts? Are you pro or con, and why? And if you’re con, do you have any recommendations for non-rabidly crazy resources on why it’s unneccesary? (So far, a lot of the anti-circumcision stuff I’ve come across has been very much of the “you’re an evil person if you circumcise” variety, and homey don’t play that, yo.)

Let ‘er rip.

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