Long Tall Sally

The Hatchling had her 4 month check-up today. I was a wee tad apprehensive about the visit, since last time she FREAKED OUT about her shots, resulting in me inadvertenly spraying milk all over the pediatrician’s office in my efforts to nurse her back to sanity. But she was amazingly low key about the whole thing. My eight-year-old nephew came along for the ride, so he entertained her in the back seat on the way there and back (and if there’s anything cuter than an 8 year old entertaining a 4 month old, I’d like to know what it is) and she withstood the weighing, measuring, and prodding with great equanimity. When the shots came, she did cry – I mean, who wouldn’t? Relative to her total body mass, those needles are HUGE – but she calmed down as soon as I picked her up, nursed contentedly for about 10 minutes, and then sat happily in her carseat while her cousin made faces and noises at her all the way home. (His assessment: “she’s like a tiny-toed, cross-eyed, fuzzy-headed elf.”) In addition, we discovered that the Hatchling is:

– in the 70th percentile for head circumference;

– in the 75th percentile for weight;

– and in the 97th percentile for length.

Ninety-seventh percentile for length! That is one long baby.

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