More fun with parenting failure

You know that parenting trick where your kid is bugging and bugging and BUGGING you for a sip of your non-kid beverage so you let them have one little sip just to show them that they don’t like it so they’ll stop bugging you? Yeah. Beverages with which this has NOT worked on the Sprout:

  1. Beer
  2. Coke

Srsly. She looooooooooved them. Got about three good swigs of the Summit Pale Ale before Mr. Squab could get the bottle from her. Same thing with the Coca-cola. I’m not even going to *offer* her my coffee.

3 responses to “More fun with parenting failure

  1. When my dad gave us sips of his beer, we kids would brag about how it made our eyes water. Have you tried her on bourbon yet?

  2. Well, at least you know you can make her sleepy or hyper when ever you need to.

  3. Margaret - Mnmom

    Oh grasshopper, you have a long row to hoe.