Well, we survived. We’re both sleep-deprived and the house is a total chaos-zone, but everything seems to be intact. We spent the vast majority of the weekend back at the apartment, transporting the stuff we didn’t get packed in time for the movers and cleaning – with the able assistance of long-suffering family members, thank goodness. We’re now completely out of the apartment, so it will be nice to focus just on one abode. Random thoughts on the move:

– Now that we’re in the house I can’t imagine how we fit all of our stuff in the apartment. We have so much stuff!We’ll easily fill all the new space available to us. The nice part will be having regular, easy access to possessions that had to reside in storage for most of the past 3+ years, just because there was no room for them. I’ve rediscovered lots of wedding presents that I forgot we even had.

– I started thinking about where I’ve lived and how long, and realized that I’d lived longer in the apartment we just moved out of than anywhere else since I was ten years old. Additionally, if Mr. Squab and I stay in our new house for more than 5 years, I’ll have beat my all time record for time living in one residence. I’d never really thought that through before, but now that I realize it, it strikes me as completely insane. Who moves that much? Admittedly, a lot of those moves were between the same two houses (I switched between my mom and my dad’s houses every year during jr. high and high school) – but that’s still packing up all my stuff and carting it to a different place. No wonder I crave a sense of stability.

– The first section of the new house to be completely unpacked and set up: the bar. Ah, yeah.

– Dude. We got moved by pirates. We hired the movers on the recommendation of some friends, and they were great, but instead of the buff young lads I was hoping for expecting, we got three ancient, grizzled men, one of whom had a glass/wandering eye, another of whom had a fetching set of gold teeth and an earring, and the last of whom must’ve been close to 70 and had the red nose and beery aroma of a lifetime commitment to self-ossification. They were nice as could be and very careful of our possessions, but Yarrr! They only needed parrots and a jug of rum to complete the picture.

– Best new house moment to date: hearing Mr. Squab thumping around upstairs and thinking “man, we have some loud upstairs neighbors at this new place” and then remembering! We don’t have upstairs neighbors! It’s just us! Woohoo!

Pictures will be posted as soon as we’ve assembled the rooms into some remote cousin of an orderly abode. In other words, don’t hold yer breath.

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