Positive Reinforcement

I must admit that while I have some philosophical problems with the hyperpersonalization of fetuses in this culture, I am quite fond of ultrasounds. With the GD and the initial hypertension and the restricted diet and the insulin, etc., etc., it’s very rewarding to get to see the little squirt in there on occasion, and know that the hard work I’m doing to keep us healthy is paying off. I had my final major ultrasound yesterday (32 weeks and counting!), and the perinatal doctor said I got an A+. The baby is right on track, size-wise, so keeping the blood sugar under control has been working. Hoss is currently about 4 lbs, 5 oz (in my head I still pronounce it “libs” and “ozzes”), kicking up a storm, growing hair (!) and generally doing all the things a soon-to-be hatchling should do. He/she has moved into a head down position, which is good, and has the right amount of amniotic fluid to swim around in and all that good stuff. Even cooler, though, was how much more like a baby the scan was this time – the bones were much easier to see and we could tell that Hoss’s cheeks and feet are getting chubby. Cool stuff. But never mind me, I know you want the pictures. Here are the three best ones:

Baby Face
(Hoss is lying sideways, with arms tucked up under the chin. The forehead is at the right of the picture, the belly and cord are at the left.)
Image hosting by Photobucket

Baby Foot
(heel is to the left, toes are to the right)
Image hosting by Photobucket

Baby Profile
(back of head is to the right; nose is facing left and up)
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Pretty cute, no?

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