Random Tidbits of a Hatchling

1. Cute neologisms of late: “oinks” for coins, with which she is obsessed, “why herry” for library, and “pocksicca” for popsicle.

2. Last night, when I tried to come and sit close to the Hatchling and Mr. Squab, who were deeply engaged in conversation, the Hatchling bodily removed me from my chair, pushed me over to the other side of the room, and when I had the temerity to LOOK at them from my isolated position, held up her hand to me and said, “YOU: nonononononono!”

3. You have not really appreciated the full emotional range of “Sing, Sing a Song” until you have heard the Hatchling’s rendition. Sure, enunciation is not her strong point, but girlfriend FEELS the song. There are heartfelt gestures. There are random Brooklynesque pronunciations (“siiiiiiing, sing a swooooonnnng …”). There are highs and lows, with a triumphant finish and plenty of self-applause. The kid knows from dramatical arts.

4. Representative episode: The Hatchling wakes up from a slightly truncated but perfectly acceptable naptime and starts calling MAMAAAA! MAMAAAAA! over the monitor. I go upstairs, open the door, and say, “hi, baby, did you have a good nap?” The Hatchling sits up, says “Well, yes [babblebabblebabblebabble] still tired.” I say, “you’re still tired?” She says “Yah,” and proceeds to lie back down, cover herself with her blanket, and close her eyes. AND STAY THERE FOR FIVE FULL MINUTES. I guess she just wanted some company for the final portion of the event.

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