There oughta be a law

You know how there’s Murphy’s law? And the Peter Principle? Well, I think we need a new axiomatic phrase for the following commonly observed phenomenon:

1. Baby gets pathetically, feverishly, no-appetite-nosleeping sick;

2. Parent spends much extra psychic, mental and emotional energy caring for said baby, thus compromising his or her own immune system to the point of vulnerability;

3. Baby recovers from sickness and is rarin’ to go! out! and! play!

4. Parent gets pathetically, feverishly, no-appetite-nosleeping sick.
4a. but still has to take care of the rarin-to-go baby.
4b. and would therefore willingly barter her soul, body, and any
life insurance benefits for a fricking nanny.
4c. and/or her mommy.

What should we call it? I’d think of something clever only I feel a baaaaaaad cold coming on.

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