Thor’s Day linkage

I’m still recovering from my stupid cold, so I’m short on bloggy love. But here are some good links, some fresh, some of which I’ve had in my “to blog” folder for waaaaay too long. Enjoy!

1. Moxie’s Manifesto – a good summation of why I love her site so damn much.

2. Pearl’s outtakes – if you liked the Will Ferrell short, you’ll also enjoy these outtakes, which make it clear just how much editing it took to make the original video.

3. Sweet Juniper’s Mythological Alphabet – damn, this is teh kewl. Urban meets classical on the interwebs.

4. Disney’s roving animatronic muppets – you have to watch the video on this one. It’s amazing. I’m not the hugest fan of Disney, but they sure nailed Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and Beaker.

5. IkeaHacker – a cool little site dedicated to showcasing the amazing, weird, and amazingly weird things people create out of humble Ikea products.

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