Thinking Blogger Awards!

Aw, shucks. Christopher gave me a Thinking Blogger award! I can’t imagine what my ramblings here would make anyone think, aside from maybe “this bitch is CRAZY,” but I guess that just goes to show you. Now that I’ve been tagged, I get to extend the award in turn to 5 blogs that “make me think.” Now, you’ve seen all the blogs on my blogroll, right? How am I supposed to pick just five? In the interests of spreading the love, I’m going to give my awards to blogs that are at least slightly off the beaten path (so, no Bitch or IBTP, though they make me think bunches). These are all blogs I check daily, and recommend highly. Here goes nothing!

1. Snickollet. She’s at the top of my mind right now, because she just lost her dear husband to cancer, and could also win the award for “person I don’t actually know who has made me cry the most.” Her posts are insightful, funny, honest, and sometimes tired and angry, and always worth a read.

2. Strict Time. Considers me her “blog mentor” (HA!) yet consistently outwrites me. I’d hate that, if she wasn’t so damn awesome all the time.

3. Sanctioning Agent. When I worked in corporate hell, any discussion of “branding” or other marketing speak just made me feel vaguely nauseated. Matt actually made me see what’s interesting about analyzing those topics, and his blog consistently – and humorously – calls out teh stupid in various campaigns.

4. My Skepsi. If you’d told me a year ago that one of my favorite blogs would be written by a self-declared christian living in a small town in Texas, I’d have said you were nuts. But what can I say? Her kid is damn cute, her posts are funny, and I steal widgets and code from her on a regular basis.

5. The Clutter Museum. Another parent blogger, Trillwing also blogs on feminism and academe, two of my favorite topics. Also, recently, strawberries, her rant on which is not to be missed.

Honorable Mentions (too “big” to be awarded): Ask Moxie and ParentHacks, two essential reads if you’re in the throes of parenthood.

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