Two Months Old

Dearest Sprout,
Well, you turned two months old on Thursday and I’m just getting to your monthly letter now. I’m guessing this is sort of the pattern with the second kid, and I hope you don’t feel lost in the shuffle. Right now a lot of your life is spent getting dragged around to your big sister’s activities. At some point you might object to this, but so far you’re remarkably accommodating about it. We hoist you in and out of your carseat, in and out of the sling, in and out of the stroller, and you sleep or look around or eat or, pretty rarely, fuss. I am in favor of this demeanor, so please keep it up. Thank you.

Pretty Baby

This is not to say that you’re not coming up with new tricks, however. This month you’ve added smiles and babbling to your repertoire, both of which are pretty awesome. Daddy is definitely your favorite person to communicate with – he gets the biggest grins and the longest chats – closely followed by your big sister and your other relatives, with me as a veeeerrrrrrry distant last. Which: WTF, kid? What am I, chopped liver? I only GREW you and BORE you and stuff. I mean, don’t feel obligated or anything.

Man, being a baby is hilarious

I really can’t complain, though, because the smiles and coos are pretty adorable even when they’re not directed at me. And you seem (knock wood) to have figured out your days and nights, so while we not getting tons of sleep, we are at least getting more than last month, and frankly, I’ll take what I can get.


Tomorrow we’ll go get you weighed and measured and see how much you’ve grown since the two-week mark. No telling if you’ll be as off the charts as the Hatchling, but seeing as how you’re already in size two diapers and 3-6 month clothes I’m pretty sure you’ll get the stamp of approval. The nursing is going better too, so we’re mostly just using formula for when we’re out and about or if I have to leave you with Daddy for a meeting. This is especially nice at night, allowing me to nurse you without the lights on in a semi-conscious state. Mmmmm … semi-consciousness.


And that’s really about it for this month, kiddo. You’re doing everything you’re supposed to do. Oh, and also: You didn’t poop in my mouth this month! Which is awesome. So I think we’ll keep you. Now give me some smiles!

X-treem baby closeup


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