Two weeks of turning one: a photo narrative

As befits the only granddaughter and the youngest member of a very large family, the Hatchling had quite an extended series of first birthday celebrations. It started with a little family fete at home on the night of her birthday. We opened a few presents, and more importantly, ate cupcakes for the very first time:


You’d think we’d have stopped there …

Have you ever been hexed by a baby? Because this is what it looks like.

But no. Some friends stopped by with more presents, including tissue paper! Which is our favorite snack!!

And by "play with" I mean "eat"

And then that weekend, there was a bigger party at Gramma and Grampa’s house, with MORE presents, and MORE ribbons:

Presents are nice

The Mamala made some yummy lemon cupcakes,

Homemade Lemon Cupcakes

but initially we were extremely uninterested.

Nooooo. No cupcake!

Pretty soon we came around, though, and decided they were pretty yummy.

Yep, that's pretty good, too!

And THEN, to top it off, we had yet ANOTHER party, this time with lots of other kids around the same age (and their parents):

Rin and Fiona
Heather, Kai, and Lula
Quinn gets a bite of cake from Daddy

So: we are now One, with a vengeance. And Mamala is looking forward to some time not spent planning for parties. Whew.

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