Sorry for the light posting lately. I’ve been cowering at home, positive that my ultrasound today would show a permanently deformed or even non-existent fetus. But all is well. There’s a real live shrimp in there, with a tail and little arm and leg buds and a yolk sac that looks like a thought bubble over its enormous (proportionally) head. No molar pregnancy. No twins (THANK YOU, JESUS). Anxiety is momentarily abated. Also, I got a prescription for anti-nausea medication, and lovely friend L. sent me a super-duper fancy wrist accupressure band (seriously – who has nicer friends than that?), so I’m officially declaring war on the sick feeling.

In other news, the Hatchling counted to 17 yesterday, and has started – completely uncoached, mind you – saying “Soooooo niiiiiiiiiiice” whenever she sees her father take his shirt off.

All is well.

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