Will blog for beach house

What’s that you say? It’s Friday and where the heck have I been all week? FREEZING MY ASS OFF, that’s where. Jesus tap-dancing Christ, it’s been cold this week. Like, cold enough to kill you in a matter of minutes. Or, if you’re me, cold enough to make you want to kill someone. Every year there are one or two weeks like this in winter, weeks where it’s so cold you start to think longingly of those days when it was a balmy 25 degrees. I *always* hate these weeks, but this year my hatred is particularly deep and abiding. Maybe it’s the pregnancy, maybe it’s trying to get not only myself but also my cold-hating toddler sufficiently bundled up before walking the fifty feet to the car (and let me just be up front: when it’s -20 degrees outside, NO amount of bundling is sufficient), maybe it’s the anticipatory dread of having to do this next winter with TWO kids … I don’t know exactly, but I am just DONE with this cold crap. Human beings are not meant to live in this climate! I think this must be added to my REJECT list for the year. Cold: I reject it.

In other news, drink some coffee, already.

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