Xtreem Xmas

Wanna know the reason I haven’t been posting so much this week? Because, and I’m not even lying, I’ve been working on the Hatchling’s Christmas list. I know it’s (as the cute overload gals would say) tewtelly redonkulous, but my family takes Chrismas VERY SERIOUSLY. We start putting our lists together in early October, after the creation of the yearly sibling gift-giving matrix. Yeah, that’s right. I said matrix. We open our presents on Christmas morning, like god intended, and woe betide the child who goes into the living room to spy the Santa presents before everyone is up. Of course, no one would do that anyway, because then you’d miss reading the letter from Santa, written in response to the one we leave him every year with his milk (or scotch) and cookies. Did I mention that we’re all over 25? The proceedings can be a bit intimidating for newcomers to the family, but after you get used to it, it’s actually pretty fun. It being the Hatchling’s first Christmas and all, I figure people are going to go insane with the gifts anyway, so why not give them the appropriate tool with which to do so? Plus, I’m just a tad on the nerdy-obsessive side when it comes to list-making. Ahem. So anyway, after a week’s worth of work, I’ve crafted a veritable color catalog of wishlists. There are pictures of every item, and both pictures and text link to online sites where said items can be purchased. There are options at every price range, and the gifts run the gamut from the practical to the purely whimsical. The whole thing is in PDF form, of course, for maximum accessibility. Really, it’s a thing of beauty. Now I just need to start on my own.

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