You are not even PREPARED for the cuteness

The Hatchling, Mr. Squab and I went to Como Park’s ZooBoo on Sunday with some friends, thanks to some free tix from Questionable. (Thanks, Q!) There were hordes of becostumed children, dressed as everything you can imagine: fairies and princesses, animals of all descriptions, superheroes, Star Wars folk, dinosaur-kids and shark-babies galore. You will be pleased, but of course not surprised, to know that the Hatchling and her BFF Fi were hands down the cutest ones there. We trick-or-treated all through the zoo and got to meet lots of characters stationed at different points. Some of the characters were a little scary for the littler kids … and of course these were the ones the Hatchling gravitated to. The huge orangutan in the crazy jack-o-lantern shirt? She wanted to talk to him forever. The incredibly freaky (and well done) Darth Maul? She just loooooved him, giving him lots of grins and a high five. (Which he was tentative about even offering, since I think most of the kids that had passed him had freaked right out.) So … I guess she’s a theatre kid? Anyway, here are some of the pix. (**Warning: Managment cannot be held responsible for possible comas or cute overloads resulting from the viewing of these photos. Scroll down at your own risk.**)

The costume shot (while waiting for the shuttle to the zoo):
Waiting for the shuttle

Meeting the “Orangutan”:
Meeting the Orangutan

The other cutest baby there:
Pretty Fiona

Taking a little break from the crowds:
Taking a little break

Playing extremely cute peekaboo:
Baby bug

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