Love this. LOVE IT.

  • Cocodissimulatio Charm: Causes any food to taste like chocolate.
  • Mucosus Recessum Charm: Causes nasal excretions to withdraw into a person’s nose.
  • Ursinvenio Charm: When applied to a teddy bear or other stuffed animal, causes it to emit a loud growling sound when lost.
  • Expecto Progenitum Spell: An elaboration of the Accio Summoning Charm, this spell causes one’s child to appear. Unclear at what distance this works or if it can operate using the Floo network or Portkeys.
  • Fabulam Repetopeto Charm: Causes a book to read itself out loud over and over. Skillful wizards can make it inaudible to themselves.
  • Vestitus Prudens Spell: Makes the victim appear to be wearing long pants and a sweater, although the person is unaware of the change.
  • Immotus Spell: A lesser version of Petrificus Totalus, this stops victims from fidgeting, though they can still move slowly.
  • Altitudo Monitio Charm: Causes flashing lights and a loud hooting sound to occur whenever the victim is near a dropoff like a staircase or cliff.
  • Odoratum Desisto Charm: Removes the smell from an object.
  • Dormitus Spell: Makes the victim fall asleep. An advanced spell, mastered by only a few.

Now if I could just find my wand …

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