Baby Connoisseurs

Reading about Christopher’s daughter’s obsession with Munch, and Matt’s idea about a Hello Kitty poster reminded me that my parent’s choice of nursery decoration was Hieronymous Bosch’s Garden of Earthly Delights (click the image for a larger version). Whenever I relate this fact (it’s a great tidbit for cocktail parties!) the reaction is usually along the lines of “Seriously?!? They put that over your crib?!” But that’s not the part that’s funny to me. What’s funny to me is that I had absolutely no memory of this painting being a part of my childhood room … but I did have strange attraction to the painting as I got older. It wasn’t until I was in Jr. High, musing about how I’d always liked the painting and wasn’t that kind of a weird thing to have always liked, that my dad piped up with, “well, you know that was hanging over your crib when you were little.”

So, yeah. My parents were kind of hippies. But what I wanna know is: what’s the weirdest thing you liked as a kid? Or, alternatively, what’s the weirdest thing your parents exposed you to when you were a kid? Anybody got anything to top Bosch?

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