Bookish meme

I done been tagged.

Total Number of Books?
Ehm … a bagajillion? I honestly have no idea how many books I own. Doing an extremely rough estimate by linear feet of shelves, I have over 1,100 out in the house, plus probably another 800 or so in boxes in the basement or at my dad’s house … so let’s say around 2,000. It’s a nice round number. I’ve only managed to categorize a fraction of them into my LibraryThing account (are you on LT? Friend me!), but someday I’d like to have them all in there.

Last Book Read?
His Dark Materials trilogy, by Philip Pullman. I figured I’d better reread them in time for the movie, though with the reviews that’s been getting I might not bother.

Last Book Bought?
Lessee … probably the last book I bought was First Among Sequels by Jasper Fforde. Oh, no – that’s the second-to-last. The LAST one I bought was the Penguin edition of Jane Eyre, because all I had was a hardcover copy of the complete works and that’s a pain in the ass to read.

Five Meaningful Books?
Jesus. Meaningful to whom? Meaningful how? I think I’m going to take a “desert island” approach to this one. Also I’m going to cheat:

Complete Works of William Shakespeare. It’s, like, the alpha and omega, man. You want “meaningful,” it’s all in here.

The Complete Works of Jane Austen. If pressed, I could be convinced to limit this entry to Pride and Prejudice, which is my favorite. But it’s my damn list, so I’m gonna cheat how I wanna.

The Peter Wimsey mystery novels, by Dorothy L. Sayers. THE BEST murder mysteries ever written. You will never convince me otherwise. There are other good writers out there, sure, but in this genre Sayers is the queen.

Plato’s Republic. Enough to think about in this one to last you several lifetimes. That Socrates was one freakishly smart cookie.

The Oxford English Dictionary. Unabridged, of course. I realize this choice might look like my idea of a pun on “meaningful,” but while I’m certainly capable of that sort of joke, this would be on the list regardless. There is a bunch of fascinating shit in that book, know what I’m saying? Plus if you get the compact version it comes with this little drawer and a magnifying glass. That is teh coolest.

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