Fair-weather blogging

I had plans, y’all. I had plans that sometime in early April I’d post one of my “I Write Letters” posts, and dash off a cute note to the blog, saying I’d missed it but I’d been hibernating and now that it was spring I’d start blogging again. It would have been clever and chatty, and you TOTALLY would have forgiven me for not blogging in so long.

But then it stayed winter until mid-May. As in shovel-able snowfall-type winter. IN MAY. Even my most diehard winter-lovin’ friends were like, OK, Minnesota: you can stop now. Given my serious lack of ability to cope with winter, you can imagine my state of mind. I lost what little gumption I had remaining, and the blogging, she did not happen.

So then we had, like, two weeks of spring-esque weather, only colder, and it just got warm around yesterday, in patches, because as has been abundantly proved, this state hates me and wants me to die. But at least the snow is gone and sometimes we can wear sandals instead of rain boots, so I guess this is as close to blogging weather as we’re gonna get.

ALSO, I’m embarking on a certifiably insane program for the summer, and I will need to share the details with you as a kind of pressure-valve, if nothing else. I expect large parts of it will be humorous, at least to people not personally involved. More on that soon. But for now, I just wanted to say “hi.” I’m still here. The state hasn’t killed me yet. How are you?

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