Foolish Parental Bragging Post

As a rule, I try to avoid posts along the lines of “my kid is such a GENIUS” because, a) they’re flipping annoying, and b) they’re oh so rarely true. I adore the Hatchling, but her talents and skills, precious though they are to my eyes, are really about the same as any other toddler her age. This I know. This is good.

Now having said that, OMG I have to tell you what she just did this morning. She’s wandering around the living room, checking out her favorite spots and toys, and she comes over for a brief snuggle. I notice that her diaper is sagging off her butt in a manner that indicates it’s reached its capacity for fluid absorption. I give the Hatchling a squeeze and say, “Should we change your diaper, honey? It looks like it’s about time.” And before I can make any moves in that direction, the Hatchling matter-of-factly toddles over to the coffee table, pulls out the basket where we keep her changing supplies, reaches in for the changing pad, and hands it to me.


Ooooooh, what a smart baby.

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