God, I’m glad it’s almost over

I feel all jittery about tomorrow, even more so than usual. But one thing I will NOT miss is the mother. effing. campaign commercials. The presidential ones don’t get under my skin too much anymore, (maybe because I’m pretty optimisti about the outcome of that race) but christ, the Coleman/Franken ones are getting brutal. Coleman is such a slimebag – not only politically, but personally (you should hear some of the local stories about him) – and I’m really, really afraid he’s going to win. I have similar fears about Michele Bachmann, who I think might win despite the fact that she’s a freaking LUNATIC. But finally, it will just be good to have it all OVER. I can’t take the stress. The Hatchling and I will be heading to the polling station tomorrow morning bright and early so we can show off our “I voted” stickers all day long. And you, my lovely and educated readers? Have you already voted? Who do you think is going to win, nationally or locally? And how glad will you be to be out of election season?

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