I guess she’s feeling better

One of the aftermaths (is that a word?) of the Bolivian Death Flu was that we all lost our appetites for about a week. The Hatchling had a particularly hard time with this; she seemed scared to eat any baby food and would only take things she could feed herself: bread, cheese, pieces of fruit, etc. – and not much of that. However, I think it’s safe to say she’s gotten over her squeamishness. Here’s what she had for lunch today:

About 20 little cubes of cheese
3/4 of a large jar of chicken and vegetable stew
Three ENORMOUS handfuls (my hands, not hers) of Pirate’s Booty*
Two slices of freeze-dried mango
1/2 a container of blueberry yogurt
About 5 honey graham cracker sticks
Two boobs’ worth of breastmilk
6 oz. of formula

Seriously. That’s ONE MEAL. Oof.

*They say it’s white cheddar flavored, but *I* think it’s coated in baby crack, because the Hatchling cannot get enough of it. I swear she’d eat an entire bag if I let her. She actually squealed with delight when we opened a new bag at lunch today, and then let out a greedy little laugh as I put them on her tray.

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