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I write letters

Dear Molars,
You suck. Why you gotta hurt so much coming in? Moreover, why you gotta come in four at a time? That just seems like unnecessary zealousness on your part. Christ, the Sprout is only ten months old. Surely she doesn’t need to get ALL of her teeth this month. Take a break, already!

The Squab

Dear Evolution,
What the hell? How can it be a good idea for it to hurt like hot pokers in your mouth when your teeth are coming in? I mean, what if we were in the wild and the Sprout, distracted out of her little mind with teething pain, was unable to defend herself from ravening predators? THOSE GENES WOULD NOT BE PASSED ON, NOW, WOULD THEY? In related news, teething pain is making the Sprout so unbelievably cranky that I may soon be returning her to the wild, just so the rest of us can get a decent night’s sleep. If Child Protection Services want to know who’s responsible, tell them to talk to Charles Darwin.

The Squab

Maybe if I post a cute picture, no one will notice that I’m not actually blogging.

Hi, Mama!

Equation for the week

(Parents visiting last weekend + rehearsals ramping up) * Baby erupting with 1 year molars, 2 year molars and upper canines ALL AT THE SAME TIME/no more late afternoon naps = no goddamn time for breathing, much less blogging.

Oh, and: Mr. Squab broke a tooth, and must now make a pilgrimage to the dentist for the first time since we have been together, i.e. eight years. THAT will be a fun bill to pay.

So, how’s your week going?

I guess she’s feeling better

One of the aftermaths (is that a word?) of the Bolivian Death Flu was that we all lost our appetites for about a week. The Hatchling had a particularly hard time with this; she seemed scared to eat any baby food and would only take things she could feed herself: bread, cheese, pieces of fruit, etc. – and not much of that. However, I think it’s safe to say she’s gotten over her squeamishness. Here’s what she had for lunch today:

About 20 little cubes of cheese
3/4 of a large jar of chicken and vegetable stew
Three ENORMOUS handfuls (my hands, not hers) of Pirate’s Booty*
Two slices of freeze-dried mango
1/2 a container of blueberry yogurt
About 5 honey graham cracker sticks
Two boobs’ worth of breastmilk
6 oz. of formula

Seriously. That’s ONE MEAL. Oof.

*They say it’s white cheddar flavored, but *I* think it’s coated in baby crack, because the Hatchling cannot get enough of it. I swear she’d eat an entire bag if I let her. She actually squealed with delight when we opened a new bag at lunch today, and then let out a greedy little laugh as I put them on her tray.