I know, I Know!!!

I’m a baaaaaad blogger. B.A.D. Fucking holidays, man. There are all these presents to buy and relatives to visit and fun parties to go to and cocktails to drink – it’s HELL on one’s blogging schedule, I tell you what. I have all these substantive posts in my head that I never seem to be focused enough to sit down and write out. Erk. But I do still have this quite engaging child, who is currently in the process of sprouting two more teeth, and is babbling all kinds of new syllables and sounds and generally charming everyone she meets. Only I think it’s possible that the attention is going to her head, because she’s started affecting this new look:

People, please! No photos!

I mean, can you say attitude? She’s all, “No photos, please!” while simultaneously mugging like hell for the camera.

Oh, I HATE having my picture taken, really, I swear

What a diva.

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